Monday, April 18, 2022

Save Your Tresses with Olaplex At-Home Therapy!


Olaplex products have been ruling the salons ever since their launch in 2012. Being the most sort after hair care brand in Hollywood, every professionalist wouldn’t complete the process of hair coloring without adding all the richness of the patent molecule of Olaplex, that is ‘bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate’. Now, completing almost a decade, the brand has launched a collection of products that can be used at home without any professional help. Out of this, the trio-Olaplex3, Olaplex0, and Olaplex8 are setting the consumers ablaze for it gives the brittle tresses the hope to relive. Keep reading to get a clearer picture of these trending haircare products…

Olaplex 0

This together is famously known as the ultimate intense bond-building treatment that one can easily take at home. While Olaplex no. 0 works as the primer to complete the hair therapy, it has the power to repair hair by 68%, intensifying the hair strength by 3 times.

Each bottle contains 155ml of solution, which generally last 5 to 6 application. However, the number can increase or decrease with different types of hair.

Application: On a clean dried scalp apply this transparent liquidy solution and leave for 15 minutes. You can either shampoo it or complete the full therapy by applying No. 3 over this.

Olaplex 3

The No. 3 Perfector is the ultimate nourishment and repairing treatment that crosslinks the broken disulfide bonds of your hair to keep the keratin level required for your hair shaft in the right quantity. This compound comes in 100ml and looks exactly like a conditioner in texture but functions at the molecular level of your hair structures.

Application: After you have kept the No. 0 for 10 to 15 minutes of stay, apply Olaplex no.3 above it and leave it for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of overnight. The longer you will keep it, the better would be the results. Follow up by washing your hair with organic shampoo and condition as usual. You will feel the difference right in the first application but to heal the damage thoroughly, continue it for a period of 6 to 12 months to heal the broken hair completely.

Olaplex 8

Along with the above intensive hair bond repairing, you must take care of maintaining the right moisture level in your scalp. The dryness makes the hair dull and flaky. Olaplex no.8 is the moisturizing mask that is distinguished to contain the patent amino-driven molecule which along with giving the water nourishment, also repairs your hair. Those who are not seeking hair therapy but want to simply add shine and body to their hair strands can just opt for this product. Customers have visibly witnessed x2 times shinier, x4times moisture, and x6 times smoothness in the hair follicles on the regular and planned use of this product.

Application: The process of applying is just like any other moisturizing hair mask. Shampoo your hair and apply the perfect quantity to your hair from mid-lengths to hair ends. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Wrap up by shampooing and conditioning. This bottle comes with an easier pump-like bottle that will make it convenient for you to apply the right quantity without wasting the solution. Remember, overapplying can make hair look greasy and unattractively heavy.

Stock up Now!

Are you disturbed about the falling and thinning of hair? Do you fear styling hair using heating rods and stylers? Olaplex 3, Olaplex0, and Olaplex 8 help you manage all your hair stylings and fights the environmental pollutants effectively to make your hair locks look beautiful. Get these at affordable prices at our store- Springalways. Co. Here, you get only genuine products with a great shipping experience. If you have any queries regarding the at-home Olaplex trio then feel free to address them in the comment box below and remember that your hair needs your smile :)

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